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The Best Testosterone Booster – And Why You Should Care

testosterone booster
Written by Curtis

If you are like any other guy out there in the world, you’ve looked for a way to be stronger, faster, and leaner. You may have looked at other, less aggressive, options like creatine and protein supplements, but when it comes down to it,  NOTHING is better than a good testosterone booster. In fact, while supplements like protein and even creatine have little scientific evidence backing their effectiveness, the best testosterone boosters are chock full of science saying they kick butt!

testosterone booster

The Facts About Testosterone

You’ve heard plenty about testosterone before. Testosterone is what makes you a man. Testosterone is responsible for your manly hair growth, your sexual urges, and most notably for us: your muscle growth. Generally, testosterone boosters function in one of two ways:

1. Synthetic testosterone supplements are generally more dangerous and essentially flood your system with a testosterone-like substance that was created in a lab. I highly recommend against using this type of booster in any situation.

2. Natural testosterone boosters take a far less invasive route to help your body with its own natural production of testosterone hormones. These are the types of supplements I want to talk about and that I highly recommend.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

A natural supplement is the absolute best testosterone booster is 99% of cases. I won’t deny that others can be more effective, but most of them are either classified as or border on being anabolic steroids. Natural alternatives take advantage of a number of vitamins, herbs, and minerals to work together with your body to elevate your body’s natural testosterone production. Here are some of the ingredients you might find in good products:

1. Horny Goat Weed – I’ll stay away from the obvious name jokes here. HGW is a legit estrogen blocker which will directly affect your blood’s testosterone concentrations. (Here for more info)
2. Tongkat Ali Root – Lended to us from eastern medicine, the Tongkat boosts natural T production and improves both muscular development and libido. (Here for more info)
3. Fenugreek – Along with the standard testosterone enhancement, Fenugreek has actually been shown to boost insulin levels too, interestingly enough. (Here for more info)
4. Zinc & Magnesium – Returning to the basics, its important to have enough of these minerals in your system for both testosterone production and transfer. If eating your vegetables isn’t enough for you, then make sure you find a supplement that contains these two. (More Info)
5. Tribulus & Stinging Nettle – These two basically do the same thing. And the same thing as the first two I listed really. They naturally boost testosterone 🙂 That’s why they’re here. (Here and here)

x-alpha testosterone boosterMy Favorite Testosterone Booster

I’ve tried a number of T-boosters in my day. I actually played several levels of college football before injuring my knee and tried a number of supplements that are no longer allowed on the market today. Out of all the best testosterone boosters on the market, I’ve settled on a fairly new-to-market product called X-Alpha. X-Alpha works with a combination of Fenugreek, Zinc, and a few other root extracts to provide the best T-boost I’ve ever experienced. Though I do still suggest cycling your testosterone supplement (I’ll explain later on), X-Alpha actually helped me build a steadier and longer cycle than before.

I Actually Cycle All My Supplements

So, I brought up the cycling above. You may have heard of cycling creatine and steroids, and the reasoning is pretty much the same here. As with steroids (though I recommend from personal experience that you stay away from them) cycling natural test supplements will help you body keep producing the maximum amount all on its own. Staying on the booster for too long can actually drop the amount of natural testosterone you produce. And as with creatine, you cycle to get a better effect from the testosterone. I actually cycle in a very interesting way: I cycle between X-Alpha, no supplement, and a lighter testosterone supplement (I really like AlphaMax & Sheer Strength for my secondary).

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