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Steroids (Not T-Boosters) & Bodybuilding

I’ll preface by saying that I do not agree with steroid use. I think that you body generally produces what it needs and can be naturally augmented with a variety of natural testosterone boosters (see the top t-boosters here) and NOT steroid use.

To be a bodybuilder you do need to take drugs, I’ll say that again, you don’t need drugs to grow muscles. Any one can grow muscles by training hard, eating right and plenty of sleep. However if you aim is to look like the guys in the magazines then that’s a whole different story, you’d better start learning what drugs does what for you. Don’t waste your time with natural supplements; I don’t care what supplement companies tell you it just doesn’t come close to Anabolic Steroids. Androstenedione is probably the closest supplement that is available its converts about a tenth of the activity of testosterone, but in most countries even that is banned, Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) however is still available but its two steps away from converting to testosterone.


Trust me when I tell you, every guy you see large and ripped is using, every guy competing at a national level bodybuilding competition is on it, and I will even go as far as to say that 80% at a local show are chemically enhanced. What about the natural bodybuilders you ask, please what natural bodybuilder, you mean the skinny kid who place last? Yes he is, but believe me even those guys are you using something, most likely insulin, HGH and short acting anabolic. I have help plenty of guys get ready for natural show so I’m speaking from first hand experience. Training heavy and eating tons of protein will take you part of the way, but to take it to the next level you better be prepared to take the next step. Steroids was invented in 1935, take a look at the bodybuilders before the 1940’s and then take a look at the guys after you can see a clear distinction, there were no supplement in those days so what made the difference,? I’ll give you one guess.


Do you honestly believe the guy that weighs 300lbs with 7% body fat got that way by using Tribules and HMB, does he have a well guarded industry secret that only a lucky few get to learn and those are the guys we see in the magazines.


What I said earlier about growing muscles without the use of drugs is true, but if you want some serious mass then there is no means around it. Let’s not take it the other way by believing that all you need to do is take drugs and you will look like the next Mr. Olympia, the same rules apply with or without the use of Anabolic. In fact guys who are on it train harder, move more weight and consume loads more food.


I don’t respect any guy who lifts for three or four months and then starts using, learn how to train first, eat right, do what you can to get a far as you can, like I said before drugs alone will not make you a champion you need to know how to train right and most importantly you need to know how to eat right, without knowing those two things your chances of growing some real mass is less than zero. If you feel that you are ready then my advice is to learn everything you can about what it does and how to use it properly, don’t believe more is better it never is, there is a fine line between using and abusing. I have seen a lot of young guys use ridiculous amounts in the mind set that, that’s what the pros are doing, I used less to win the Mr.Universe in 2004 then I did 1996 where I place 9 th you need to know how to use it the right way to gain the best benefits. If you’re going to take the next step really know what you are doing after all we are talking about injecting chemicals in your body this is something not be taken lightly, do it the wrong way and it could in fact mess you up.


If your looking to find out more about Anabolic and how to use it, go to which contains a vast amount of information on the subject, get on the forums ask lots of questions there are plenty of guys willing to share their knowledge you can never know to much be smart.

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